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I know its November starting today, but I could not miss the October 3 Questions.

It was a couple of years ago that I asked if you enjoyed these monthly questions and the response was a unanimous yes!

Some of the monthly questions are better done in the moment, and with others, it is good to take time to reflect and ponder, even write them down.

The questions below fall into both categories and these questions can be asked at the end of each week, or the end of each day.

It is easy for us to feel that life is passing us by, so cementing our days, weeks and months and even years with these questions allow us to see who we are right now and where we are right now.

Take the time right now, to answer these questions.

What opened your heart this month/week?
What did you learn about yourself this month/week?
How have you been of service this month/week?

A wonderful process that will show you what matters to you and where and how you spend your time.

I wish you a weekend of heart-opening. xxx

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