3 Questions – October

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This month I want to focus on action.

Many of us did not manage to accomplish goals or projects that we’d committed to at the start of this year, and I am sure we have met some of these losses with mindful anxiety. ?

But the year is not over yet, and we can choose what we want to achieve or complete by November 30.

We can re-create, build upon or create-a-new something else. Something meaningful, something frivolous, something.

I’m suggesting November 30 because it’s manageable, a 30-day block of daily actions or as a time frame to complete the project or goal.

The following questions are for a project you can begin and complete in 30 days, no more, because then we are into December and other things take up our time. Things like mince pies.


1. What one project or goal would you like to move forward on or complete by the end of November?

2. What are the first three actions you need to take to ‘get this’ done?

3. When will you begin?

If you want to let me know what you are going to complete by Nov 30, I am happy to back you!


Kemi xxx


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