3 Questions – November

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We are not quite there yet. It is not the end of the year yet.

There is still time.

I have chosen this months questions to give you the opportunity to clarify and commit to the one thing to want to accomplish before the year ends. Before this decade ends.

It does not have to be huge goal, it could be cleaning out the garage (actually for our garage that is a big goal) saying the thank you, saying the sorry, writing the letter, tidying up your inbox.

Or it could be, asking for another chance, asking for the job, asking for the sale.

1. What do you need to do before this year ends.

2. Why is it important that you get this done once and for all?

3. By when will you have it done?

And a sneaky 4th question

4. How will you celebrate?

Every year there are things we hoped we were going to do, and they slipped through our fingers, here is a chance for you to take hold and get it done.

Wishing you a weekend of doing the things that matter. xxx

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