3 Questions –November

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This week I ran a facilitated coaching process for the Business Chicks community, called Unlocking Your 2020.

It was a series of questions to assist participants in exploring what 2020 has taken away, what it has given and how we have all been changed in some way.

Today will be the last three questions for the year, so I wanted to give you some bonus questions; a holiday gift we could say!

So here are five questions to assist you in owning your 2020.

If you would rather wait until December to answer these questions, please do.

5 Questions:

1. What experience of loss have you had this year?

2. What do you believe you have gained?

3. What has been your biggest challenge?

4. What are you most proud of yourself for?

5. Who are three people that have supported you the most this year? (Please tell them and thank them via text, a call, a card.)

There are no right answers, only your honouring of how 2020 has played out for you. It is an opportunity to own your growth and honour your vulnerabilities.

Closing the year is important, and it feels like closing this year is even more critical than ever.

Wishing you a weekend of thanking those who have supported you in 2020, no matter how big or small.

Kemi xxx

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