3 Questions – May

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It is that time of the month again.

June is around the corner, so we are halfway through 2019.

Here are this month’s questions:
What ‘thing’, had you hoped to get done by this part of the year?
Are you still committed to the ‘thing’? (If not drop it. Lighten the load.)
What action can you take to progress ‘the thing’ and finish this half of the year proud?

I promise you that ‘the thing’ does not have to be huge. It may be the equivalent of cleaning out your desk drawer, booking the window cleaner, fixing the chair, finishing your taxes.

Or it may be having the tough conversation, saying no, saying yes, letting go.

We all have ‘things’ we want to achieve and we achieve them one question, one answer, one action at a time.

Wishing you a weekend of pride. xxx

Discovery Sessions

If you would like some support for the second half of the year, do not hesitate to book in for a discovery session with me.
A discovery session is a 45-minutes complimentary session where you can experience the coaching process for 30 minutes and then ask any questions you have for the remaining 15-minutes. We will both know by the end of the session if we are a good fit.

Email me: Kemi@keminekvapil.com

Recent testimonials:

“As I prepared to start my first business, I knew I had a physical & mindset mountain in front of me. I wanted a strong experienced coach by my side. Kemi was all that and so much more. Her powerful questions every week gave me the clarity I needed to focus on the right things. But what really blew me away was her kindness, her constant search for places where I was being hard on myself and reframing so I came away from our work stronger and more confident in who I am and what I am here to do.” – Sheila Langan
‘I started coaching with the hope that I could change some negative patterns in friendships and relationships. Through coaching, I was able to take responsibility for my role in unhealthy relationships and to start shifting negative dynamics. It’s not easy to admit you are responsible for your own pain, but Kemi’s insightful questions, non-judgement and gentle challenges are undoubtedly what has given me an understanding of the power I have to create positive relationships. A thousand thank yous!’ – Jane Hawtin

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