3 Questions – August

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And here we are, another month nearly over.

As I am very much in the world of podcast creation and exploring what it takes to shift, it makes sense that this month’s questions are based on the same theme.


1. If you were to positively shift forward in one area of your life, what area would that be?

2. What internal obstacles are stopping you from shifting?
Note: We tend to focus on the external obstacles, but all deep change happens on the inside first. I know it is annoying. #responsibility

3. How and when are you going to make a shift in this area?

If you have answered I don’t know. Or I know but I am scared. Or I know I need to do something, but what? Or I’ve tried before, but it didn’t work.

I invite you to a night of coaching with me for the launch of my podcast The Shift Series.

We will delve into some of the obstacles, we will reflect, and we will commit to action.

We have to believe that we are capable, even when it is confronting or hard. We need to dive into our internal resources to make the shift.

Tickets are selling fast and there are limited places as I want the coaching processes to have an impact.

There is also a limited amount of Hey Tiger Chocolate for guests. Just saying!

I very much hope to see you at the launch so we can shift together. Please share with your friends and family, everyone has areas of their lives they want to shift. Share.

Wishing you a weekend of exploring the internal. xxx

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