3 Questions – April

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It is that time of the month again.

3 questions for you to ponder, explore and take some faith fuelled action. All actions take a degree of faith.

1. What area of your life are you investing in the most? (work, family, health, relationships, etc)
2. What area of your life needs more investment from you?
3. What small tangible action can you take today that will add a little more nourishment to that area?

For example, if your relationships have taken a back seat, a phone call, a card, a text message can make all the difference.

If your health has taken a back seat, using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of driving, choosing a whole-food option, will make a difference.

Action begets action, no matter how small.

Wishing you a weekend of meaningful investments. xxx

Discovery Sessions: I currently have availability for two new clients, so if you would like to increase your investment in the areas of your life that are important to you, please send me an email and we can have a discovery session together. Email me at – kemi@@keminekvapil.com

A discovery session is a 45-minutes complimentary session where you can experience the coaching process for 30 minutes and then ask any questions you have for the remaining 15-minutes. We will both know by the end of the session if we are a good fit.


‘I started coaching with the hope that I could change some negative patterns in friendships and relationships. Through coaching, I was able to take responsibility for my role in unhealthy relationships and to start shifting negative dynamics. It’s not easy to admit you are responsible for your own pain, but Kemi’s insightful questions, non-judgement and gentle challenges are undoubtedly what has given me an understanding of the power I have to create positive relationships. A thousand thank yous!’ – Jane Hawtin
“Working with Kemi is like nothing else. It’s now the second time I’ve asked for Kemi’s coaching support and just like the first time, these 6-months have been a game changer in my life. Both times I turned to her in moments where I felt somewhat lost about the direction of my business or the way to implement my projects; I was unsure about my relationships & struggled to find balance in my life.
What I find most valuable is that there is no limit to what can be tackled through this process: work, relationships of all nature, health & nutrition, self-development, stories from the past that need healing…. You may not end up focusing on the areas of your life that made you reach out for guidance in the first place and that’s the magic of it!
When I am asked why working with Kemi works so well for me this is what I usually say: “She challenges me with care.”
Her coaching is truth-revealing, supportive, constructive, insightful, empowering & sometimes scary in the best of ways. There’s nothing I feel I cannot do after a session with her!
I already know I’ll work with Kemi again – simply because the process never ends & I’ve learnt that asking for support is the best gift I can give myself.” – Anne Laure Eberhardt

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