3 Questions April

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There are so many questions we do not have the answers to right now, and I am aware that we are all navigating the changing world in our unique ways.

I am here to offer you some questions that have no right or wrong answers.

These are the questions I am asking myself daily, and they may be helpful to you.
3 questions:

1.    What am I grieving in this time of change?

2.    What am I gaining in this time of change?

3.    What do I need right now?
Here are my answers from the last 3 days, to give you the idea that there is no right answer, there is no wrong answer, there is just your answer.


Today: I am grieving that my parents were supposed to be here from England.

Yesterday: I was grieving the ability to travel (even though I know emissions have gone down, this is still my answer).

The day before: I was grieving quiet space now that everyone is home (even though I love my family).


Today: More time spent creating and chatting with my daughter Ella.

Yesterday:  Reading and writing.

The day before:  My daily sunset walks with my husband.



Today: Staying in PJ’s, crumpets smothered in jam and reruns of Friends Season 1.

Yesterday: A long bath with a ridiculous amount of bubbles and epsom salts and talking to friends.

The day before: To have a productive day in the garden, empty my inbox.

– Kemi xxx

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