mobile-menu “You were rich once and I was poor once.” - Kemi Nekvapil

“You were rich once and I was poor once.”

Two sisters and their dad were walking towards me in my local nursery (one can never have enough plants), and I heard the younger daughter say to her sister, “You were rich once and I was poor once.”

That sentence really hit me.

I assume they were talking about pocket money, and maybe the younger sister now had more money because she had had a birthday. Of course, I am not sure, but it got me thinking.

When I was around 11 or 12 years of age, I reached my fourth set of foster parents.

We were poor.

We lived in the worst house on the street. I was ashamed to say where I lived, and when I did, I would be ridiculed or pitied.

Everything was second-hand at a time when second-hand purchases were not cool or eco.

I would babysit every night for a single mother across the road; five children, five hours, five pounds, I thought I was rich when she handed me twenty-five pounds every Friday night. Half of my earnings would go to my younger sister, and this meant that we could spend every Saturday as far away from ‘home’ as possible.

At the age of thirteen, I reached my last set of foster parents, and suddenly I jumped into the world of the middle class.

Now I was rich.

In the ‘poor’ home, I had no value. My feelings were not considered, so I tried not to have any, and no-one believed in me.

In my ‘rich’ home, I had value; my feelings were important, so I began to re-learn that it was okay to feel. I was pretty numb by the time I arrived there.

But it was not that they were financially better off that made me feel rich, it was that they cared about me and they never threatened to ‘give me back’.

And these parents saw a future for me that I could not see for myself. They also gave me agency over my life for the first time.

I was rich.

And now as an adult, I know what true wealth is.

It is when I am connected to my children.

It is when my marriage is thriving.

It is when I am fulfilled and grateful in my work.

It is when I am fit and healthy and energetic.

It is when I can use my body to run through forests.

It is when I can support and learn from my precious friends.

It is when I can spend a day making jam and writing letters.

It is when I am having a mug of hot chocolate around our firepit with the neighbours.

And I have agency over all of these things. I am responsible in creating my wealth.

Is everything in life going to thrive at the same time? Sometimes, and sometimes not.

Either way, I am responsible for my perception, my reactions, my experiences, my triggers, my wounds, my life.


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“I heard Kemi speak at a work conference.  Immediately I was drawn to Kemi. I loved her attitude towards life, it seemed so much clearer than my own.  I was in a massive rut, unhappy and overly stressed in all areas of my life.
I wanted more for myself both professionally and personally but always felt blocked in obtaining them, and if I did get them there was an overpowering feeling of guilt.   I was dealing with a job I felt was going nowhere and a personal life filled with extreme pressure, stress and responsibility and heartache.  And I was ready for Kemi to come into my life. My sessions with Kemi allowed me to be honest and completely uncensored.  The ACTIONS to keep me accountable and guilt-free THE BEST THING EVER!! Kemi is the most motivating woman I have ever met, courageous, strong, vulnerable, patient, insightful, inspiring and above all empowering. Without Kemi I wouldn’t have heard my dad say “I love you” the way I needed to hear it and for this alone I am forever grateful.  For this alone Kemi brought me peace x”  – Cindy

“When I first decided to try life coaching with Kemi I had made some major changes to my life. I had sold my house, quit my job and had no direction on where I was headed. The journey I took with Kemi over the following 6 months helped me gain focus in all areas of my life and really made me realise what was important to me.  My major achievement was learning to love myself which in turn has made me love the people and places around me.  What a great experience and Kemi gives you a wonderfully safe and calm environment to make a life-changing journey of self-nourishment and discovery. I can’t thank her enough.” – Melita

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