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What Are Women Asking For Now?

The Gift of Asking has been out in the world for exactly 1 
month as of yesterday!

If you have already ordered your copy (ies), thank you. It 
is because of you that we have just received delivery of 
our second print run.

My eleven year old daughter came bursting through the back 
door last week, exclaiming, “Asking works!”, with her thumbs 

“What did you ask for?”, I said.

“Well, I was walking past a café and I saw some doughnuts 
on a plate. I walked past thinking, ‘I would love a doughnut’.  
Then I thought, ‘I’ll ask’. So I walked back to the cafe, 
stuck my head in the door, and said, ‘Excuse me, can I have 
a free doughnut please?’ The café owner said yes, straight 
away! Asking works mum!”

I then wiped the sugar from her exuberant face.

I also wanted to share with you some of the 'asking' 
feedback I have received from various women, who have not 
only read the book but have taken action to ask.

* A woman asked her husband for a hug, instead of sex. 
They hugged. No divorce is pending.

* One woman asked for extra hummus at her local café. She 
always wanted extra hummus, but never had the courage to 
ask. They gave it to her without even batting an eyelid. 
Imagine all those years of extra protein missed.

* A woman asked a future employer for a $25,000 increase 
in the wage they were proposing; they said yes. She took 
the job.

* Another woman asked in her first interview for a $20,000 
increase in the wage being proposed to her; the response 
was, “That is not out of the range of possibility for the 
right candidate.”

Although it may appear that some of these asks are bigger 
than others, they are not.

Every one of these women was nervous, was unsure of what 
her ‘ask’ would generate in the askee. Every one of these 
women was scared of being rejected, being embarrassed, of 
hearing “NO”.

But every single one of these women had to state what she 
needed to even get close to receiving what she needed.

What are you asking for?

If you have been reading the book, please let me know how 
your asking is going. I wrote this book to make a difference, 
let me know if it is. I would love to hear from you.

If you still have not ordered your copy of The Gift Of A
sking click here

Next weekend, I will be delivering the keynote presentation 
and wrap up workshop at the Women’s Adventure Summit in NSW.

And because I will be white water kayaking, trail running, 
mountain biking, and sitting around a campfire singing Slim 
Dusty, I will not be writing my blog.

If I survive the kayaking (my out of comfort zone activity) 
I will let you know how it all went.

Wishing you the courage to ask, and the grace to trust. Xx

I look forward to connecting in a couple of weeks.
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