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The gift of personal power

I would like to share with you an incident I had yesterday with regard to owning my personal power.

The day before I left for New York, I called my telephone provider to let them know that I would be overseas for 10 days and I would like to purchase a travel pack.

A travel pack is a very good way to stay on your phone when overseas and not receive a $1000 bill (like I did a few years ago) but more on that later.

At the time, I asked the company representative I was talking with to assure me that I would not be charged for any extra data.

I was assured that I would not and I would only be paying for my travel pack – $90 on top of my monthly phone contract.

Then my bill arrived.


A few years ago, when I received a $1000 bill (I do have to clarify, that this was before you were able to turn data roaming off on your phone) I went into a negative space telling myself I should have known better etc. After the shock, I paid it straight away. I wanted to be a ‘good girl’. I wanted it off of my plate. They had spoken. That was the bill. I had to pay it. So, I did, without question.

This time I made a call.

This time I asked.

I asked for the name of the lady I was speaking with.

I asked her how she was and how her day had been.

I asked her to explain why my bill was so very high when I had been assured it would not be.

I asked her not to talk to me in GByte and MByte speak, as she was losing me, but to speak to me in monetary language.

I asked her to reduce the bill.

She said she would have to ask her supervisor.

I asked her if she could tell me what she would be saying to her supervisor so that I was clear we were both on the same page.

She was. She asked.

She then told me that they would reduce my bill to what I had originally been quoted, $90 on top of my monthly phone contract. She saved me hundreds of dollars.

I asked her how I could best be of service to her as she had been of great service to me.

She replied, “Please do the survey that you will receive from my company and mention my name, and it is important that you mention your query was satisfied at first contact.”

I told her I would and I have.

You may have been raised to question corporations. I was raised to believe that ‘those people’ run the world; they are smarter and they know best, so do what they say.

And many of us know that phone companies are being cracked down on and they are willing to ‘make good’ but only if you ask.

It has taken me many years to stand in my power and ask, ask, ask. Not because I know better than anyone else, but because I now question ‘doing as I am told’. I now choose to ask instead.

One of the gifts of personal power is the courage to ask.

I invite you to give yourself, or any woman in your life, the tools to stop ‘doing as we are told’ and to stand in our worth and power instead.

It could be at work, in relationships, in regards to health, money, business, friendships, the list goes on.

If you would like to order my book, The Gift Of Asking – A woman’s guide to personal power as a Christmas present for yourself or another and if you want to have it personally signed and in your hands well before Christmas, order your copy/ies now.

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When women begin asking we are unstoppable. Imagine what 2018 could look like if you do?