mobile-menu Thank you x - Kemi Nekvapil

Thank you x

Thank you for reading my thoughts this year, I hope that they have been food for thought and, food for the soul.

Thank you for your moving and inspiring emails, it is always a pleasure when someone takes the time to write, no matter how few the words.

Thank you for trusting me with your stories, your challenges, your joys and your “I don’t know’s “

Thank you for coming to watch me speak, I wish for my words to connect and empower and acknowledge this journey that we are all on.

Thank you for supporting my work by buying my books for yourself, your friends and your family, may the words fly off the page and into your possibilities.

Thank you for inspiring me to become a woman who serves women, it is a great privilege and lots of fun.

As we approach the holiday season I wish for you time for reflection, space for creation, permission to dream, and some cake to eat!

Until 2018…………xx