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Some Inspiration Just For You

I returned home from the Women’s Adventure Summit on 
Sunday to a husband who had been in bed since Friday 
afternoon with the Flu.

Then on Monday my throat was sore, on Tuesday my head 
joined in, Wednesday was neck day, and now they have 
all joined forces to possibly merge into something 
with much more force or they will subside.

I will wait and see.

Although, I want to share with you the incredible value 
I took away from the summit, this week is not the week 
for that as I would like a little more time to process 
it all.

So instead, I realised that it has been a little while 
since I shared with you some of the latest TedTalks 
that have touched, moved and inspired me.

It is so cold here in Melbourne that there really is 
nothing better than brewing up some almond milk hot 
chocolate and watching a couple of Teds!

I hope at least one of these will ignite you in some 
way today.
* The secret to desire in a long term relationship 
* A Saudi woman who dared to drive 
* What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure 
* Walking as a revolutionary act of self-care 
* To raise brave girls encourge adventure 

Let me know what you think and please, once again, feel 
free to share with me your favourite TEDTalks.

I love being sent your recommendations.

For you…….I wish for you a weekend filled with opportunities 
to get your needs met. xx
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