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Imagine a world where happiness, beauty, self-love and vibrant health describe the way you feel about yourself and the life you live each day.

Imagine a world where your weight, age or skin colour have no bearing on your beauty or how you feel about yourself.

Welcome to the 30-day Raw Beauty Queen Experience.

Do you desire more balance, joy, happiness and beauty in your life?

Do you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but do not know how to start in an uplifting and sustainable way?

Do you want to develop a kinder and more loving relationship with yourself?

Do you desire more personal fulfilment?


The 30-day Raw Beauty Experience is an easy and structured program that is all about celebrating and nourishing you. It is about gaining maximum benefit through small consistent actions.

The 30-day Raw Beauty Experience is an opportunity for you to take one small action every day to enhance and invigorate your life.

Regardless of how busy you feel your life is right now, you will be able to complete this program – it has been created for you to succeed.


Nourish yourself with living plant foods on a daily basis for mental clarity, energy and beauty. Move your body to increase your ‘self sexiness’.


Be proud of who you are. Nurture yourself and attend to your needs. Be the best woman you can be for yourself and others.


Create your life and honour yourself by nurturing your creativity


Joy comes from choosing joy, moment by moment. Practice the art of gratitude..


Surround yourself with women who will raise you higher and support you to live the life you want to live. And be this person for others.


Be a full expression of your passions and therefore a full expression of your gifts.


Choose your purpose and then powerfully share it with others in ways that make a difference.

As you add more of The 7 Principles of Raw Beauty into your life magic begins to happen. People will wonder why you have so much energy, why you are glowing, why you are more present and loving to yourself and others.

How does it work?

Every day you will receive an empowering and inspiring email and all you have to do is complete the simple Raw Beauty Action – a 10-minute action corresponding with one of the 7 principles. You will also have a be given a self-love Journal to download and use which will deepen the experience. The benefits you gain will be astounding and life changing.

No one can transform their life in a day, but small actions over 30 days can start you on a wonderful journey that increases your self-love, purpose, passion, joy and vibrancy, leading to lifelong changes.

By taking part in the program you will:
  • Experience a new level of energy and clarity
  • Uncover a new appreciation of your unique Raw Beauty
  • Experience deeper joy as you choose to create your own, regardless of circumstances
  • Tap into your creativity and understand how 
creativity increases your happiness
  • Enjoy deeper and elevated relationships in all areas of your life


"It put me in a place where negative thoughts, lack of self belief and self judgment no longer dominated my days."

"The biggest insight for me over the 30 days was how little and easy things can change and shift how you view yourself and the world."

"I feel better about myself after doing the program – It has helped me not to try and control things so much."

"That I can say no to people if I feel it's not in the direction I want to go in and that I can say yes to people if they're trying to help me and that's ok.

"I felt more empowered to just be me and not compare myself to others as much."

"I learnt that it matters that I matter."

"What I learnt from the program was I am worth loving and it's up to me to
nurture myself. "

Women often say, “My life will be great when…”

You can begin to create your life of energy, passion and fulfilment today!

My promise to you is this: After taking part in the 30-day Raw Beauty Queen Experience you will feel more joy, self-love and beauty in your life. You will forge a stronger and deeper relationship with yourself and your needs, as well as those you love, and be more open to the possibilities around you. Most importantly, you will feel elevated in who you are, and that YOU ARE ENOUGH and BEAUTIFUL just as you are.

I look forward to sharing 30 days of Raw Beauty with you!