Raw Beauty was born from the passion Kemi has for supporting women to be kind to themselves.
Through retreats and events women learn sustainable tools to nourish themselves and create their lives without guilt or apology.

The foundation of Raw Beauty is based on The 7 Principles of Raw Beauty, a transformational system of step-by-step learning and ongoing support that takes women on a journey, from the inside out, giving each woman permission to enrich their unique beauty based on actions, choices and individuality, not on weight, age or skin colour.
As women we can find it difficult to put ourselves first. When we give all our time away, there is nothing left for us, but when we honour and respect our needs, we enhance our lifestyle choices and that has a powerful impact in all areas of our lives.



Flourish is a unique and empowering event for women wishing to experience a form of beauty that is fuelled by body, mind and life nourishment.
In this unique one-day event you will be guided through a series of exercises that will enable you to explore your passions and your purpose in a safe and meaningful way.