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Pre-Order “The Gift Of Asking” Today!

Pre-order The Gift Of Asking today!

Did you enjoy the introduction?

My inbox was full last Friday after sending out the introduction 
to The Gift Of Asking.

Thank you for your generous words and acknowledgement, I admit 
to shedding a few tears.

Some were tears of joy because you got to asking straight after 
reading the intro and you got what you asked for, or better. And 
some were tears of understanding as you shared with me the impact 
of not asking has had on your lives so far.

Some shared words were:

“I feel like you're talking directly to me.  I've always struggled 
to ask for what I want. Can't wait to read the rest of the book.”

“Asking has always been one of the things I struggled with just 
like the women you described. That woman who couldn't ask to change 
the music and room temperature while getting a massage done? That 
was me. I got used to doing everything myself that I felt guilty 
every time I had to ask for something or a help. I didn’t want to 
become a burden to someone.I am getting better now but still a 
bit more to go.”

“It looks terrific. I'm going to enjoy reading it! I'm currently 
wrestling with asking for fees for presentations.”

Your sharing cemented even further for me that this subject, the 
subject of women and asking applies to all of us, no matter our 
age, our lifestyle, our earning capacity or our cultural heritage.

Now is the time to order your copy of The Gift Of Asking. 

The official launch is on July 25, but by ordering your book before 
the launch you will receive a limited edition art print of 
‘The Asking Manifesto’. The Asking Manifesto has been beautifully 
designed to empower you to ask for what you need and want, but this 
is only available until we run out.

Many of you have asked about buying more than one book for the women 
in your lives, so we have responded to your ‘asks’ by keeping postage 
as low as we can.

Lastly, before this book is truly birthed into the world, I want to 
take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your 
ongoing support of the work I do.

Thank you. xx

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