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It’s time to check-in

How is your year going?

Is it flowing?

Is it stagnant?

Is it moving too fast or moving too slow?

We are seasonal creatures, and if you are living in the southern hemisphere, you are in Winter; the time when our physical, emotional and mental energies want to slow down, to reflect, to hibernate.

If you are reading this in the northern hemisphere, Summer is bringing you energy, possibility and longer days. Your physical, emotional and mental states are high.

Wherever you are in the world, we are all in the middle of the calendar year, and this gives us a chance to check in and see how we are going.

Are you feeling the way you had hoped you would this year?

Are you doing what you thought you would be doing this year?

Have you begun the things you wanted to begin this year?

Have you stopped the things you wanted to stop this year?

Before June ends, I invite you to revisit your goals, your resolutions, your hopes and your outcomes.

What are you still committed to for 2018 and what are you willing to let go of?

One of the positive psychology markers for happiness and fulfilment is having something to strive for.

What are you striving for in the next 6 months?

A better relationship?
To finish a 5km run?
To engage your team in a new project?

Striving does not have to be big striving,  small things, done consistently, add up in the end. You can strive to be consistent.

What will have you kissing yourself on Dec 31st2018?

Do not underestimate how much you can achieve in 6 short months.

Check-in. Re-commit. Take consistent action. Kiss yourself!

I wish you months of glorious striving. Xxx

Note: As I am in the Southern hemisphere and we have hit school holidays, I am going to hibernate, read, play games, ski, run, hike and drink hot chocolate with my family. I will be back at my keyboard in 3 weeks time.

It's time to check-in