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If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have been training hard for my next endurance event, but I have not revealed what the event is.  Sometimes, you need to keep the goal close until you are ready to share it, and of course, I want to share it here first.

The event is called Neverest.

I am doing the 104km event, which will mimic the elevation gain from
Kathmandu to the Everest Summit – 7,448m elevation, 28 laps, 104km in 29 hours.

This will be the longest distance I have ever run and the terrain is harsh.

As your body goes through a lot when training for and participating in an endurance event, I am very discerning with the events I choose, and Neverest pulled me in.

It took me too long to find a coach (go figure), which means that my physical training time is not as long as would be expected, but I believe that life trains you mentally and emotionally for every endurance event. And you never know how an event is going to go until you are out there on the day. It is always a risk.

Yes, you need to be fit and strong, but it gets to a point where no matter how hard you have trained, it hurts, and then it hurts a lot.

What will get me past the hurt and the exhaustion is my crew, a group of incredible ‘trail sisters’ and my husband who will be there for me, to support me physically, emotionally and mentally.

And then there is you!

This event is run by The Australian Himalayan Foundation, and it is their yearly fundraiser for their programs in the Everest region of Nepal.

These programs include access to vital health services (with a focus on maternal health and the well-being of women and girls), supporting local wildlife conservation, community-led responses to the effects of climate change, and education programs for children.

My ask is for you to be a part of my ‘fundraising crew’.

As always, a little goes a long way. No donation is too small and every donation matters.  The minimum amount to fundraise is $250, but I think we can do much more than that.

I have to back myself before I expect you to back me, so I have already donated.

Your donation also means that you will be on the course with me, but without the hurt!

I thank you in advance for any amount you can contribute.

Please donate here

Wishing you a weekend of rest (I’ll be training!) xxx