mobile-menu Humbled - Kemi Nekvapil
What a week!

The official birthing of The Gift of Asking happened on 
Tuesday night in Melbourne, it was a wonderful launch. 
There was so much support, energy and celebration in the 

If you were a guest, thank you for being there, you added 
to the joy and it was wonderful to meet you in person.

Thank you if you were one of the women who decided to buy 
the book for yourself and the women in your lives, I know 
some of you bought 10, 8, 5, books, thank you for being 
a sharer. :)

Have you started the book yet? What have you started 
asking for?

There was also a lot of very fine cheese and wine, (I 
asked for that)which made many of us very happy indeed.

The next day was my 43^rd birthday. That morning my 
husband made me a massive green juice (to balance out 
the cheese and the wine) and we had some family time.

Then at midday off to Brisbane to speak at a women’s 
event put on by Business Chicks called the Confidence Series, 
it was a wonderful night filled with surprise gifts and 
birthday cake.

I will be speaking at the final event of the series, in 
Sydney next week, so if you want to come and have dinner 
with me and lots of incredible women, click here. 

This weekend I will be gardening.


My hands will be in the dirt and I will be listening to 
either Conversations with Richard Fidler or This American 
Life or TedTalks or the bird song.

And when I am ready I will inhale again.

It all humbles me.

Wishing you a glorious weekend of long slow inhales and 
even longer exhales. x

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