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How To Ignite Your Fire!

A couple of weeks ago I was honoured to be the opening 
keynote speaker and closing facilitator for Australia’s 
first Women’s Adventure Summit, run by Travel. Play. 
Live magazine.

This was very exciting for me, because I believe that 
elevating events for women are needed. I believe that 
our bodies are for more than just ‘looking hot’. And I 
believe that women can connect to themselves and other 
women in ways we cannot even imagine, through the lens 
of adventure.

Some of the words I shared on the opening night were 
that we are all old enough, fit enough, worthy enough 
and ready enough. That adventure is accessible to 
anybody who wants it, we just have to be willing to put 
our hands up and say “I’ll try!”

You may have read a few weeks ago that I was nervous 
about a white-water-kakaying workshop, which I had put 
my hand up for. It turns out that the river was not 
high enough for such wild exploits. Instead the group 
I was in had a hilarious morning canoeing down the 
lake; well, zig-zagging from side to side. It is not 
easy to go straight in a canoe you know, especially 
while trying not to wet yourself from laughter.

Our instructor then guided a game that involved not 
getting the football into the centre of your canoe, 
if it did you had to drop your oars and paddle with 
your hands. Not bragging or anything but the ball 
never got into the canoe that me and my buddy were 
in. It turns out we had not only mastered zig-zagging, 
we had also mastered the art of zig-zagging fast, 
away from balls.

Then came the mountain-biking.

Collene, a competing downhill mountain bike champion 
in her late forties / early fifties (girl crush) was 
our instructor, along with Preston her younger male 
colleague. In our group, we had riders who compete in 
events, and riders who only ever potter on their town 
bike to the shops.

I used to love riding my mountain bike through the 
streets of London, but anything that involves going 
fast down a hill – not so fun for me.

Apparently, I ride a mountain bike like a motorcyclist, 
using my body to steer the bike to turn corners (it 
should be the other way round, apparently). It was 
great riding over small hills and playing follow-the-leader 
through beautiful forests. There were no major downhills, 
but I was definitely tense and nervous and unable to 
release the brakes while going down. Collene would say 
to me, “Let it roll, let it roll”. My enlightened response: 
“You must be joking!”

And then my unknown highlight came: the women’s wilderness 
survival workshop.

As soon as we sat in a circle, the facilitator, Nikki asked 
us, “If you were lost in the wilderness, what would you fear?”
Answers included running out of food, running out of water, 
spiders and snakes, getting cold, and the dark.  My answer 
was the fear of not being able to find my way home, of being 
incredibly lost.

She then gave us “the rule of 3”: you can last 3 weeks without 
food, 3 days without water, and 3 seconds without common sense.

We learned that making fire significantly increases the ability 
to survive physically and mentally, and addressed most of the 
fears we had.

I thought, “Yay! If I had a fire it could attract attention, 
I could make food, collect water, and cook the snakes and 

And then we learnt how to make a fire. No matches. No flint. 
No glass or sunlight. Just wood and friction. Incredible.

We split up into groups, and what Nikki could do alone in 3 mins 
(she had lived solo off the land for a year) took three of us 
over an hour. But we were hooked. Everyone else was off to dinner, 
but our group was not leaving until we made fire.

We eventually did, and it felt so good. It was empowering. I 
found it emotional. I felt that society puts such importance on 
the things that do not matter, that do not sustain us, and yet 
being able to make your own fire does matter.

Internally and externally, we need to be able to ignite, to give 
air to, to breathe life into what matters.

Where are you lost?
What do you want to ignite?
What do you need to breathe air into?

A whole world has opened up to me in terms of wilderness survival; 
it has ignited something primal within me, and I am going breathe 
life into it.

Watch this space.

And all of this came from seeing a magazine that celebrates women 
and our right to adventure.

I strongly urge you to treat yourself to a subscription of Travel. 
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I wish you a weekend of fanning your flames and sparking what 
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