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For Your Eyes Only……

After two years of thinking, planning, gathering and writing, 
my second book is soon to be born into the world.

The book is titled  - The Gift of Asking  - A woman’s guide 
to creating personal power.

It has been a pleasure to write, not because it all came 
easily and there were no challenges, but because I knew I 
had to write this book for us.

The relationship that many women have with asking for what 
we want or need is complex and in this book I have tried to 
unravel some of these complexities.
I have shared my asking journey and how it has shaped me, 
as well as the asking stories of nine other women from all 
over the world.There are asking processes and practical ideas 
on how to own our personal power and truly engage in our own 
lives through the gift of asking.

The premise of the book is not that we will always get what 
we ask for (and sometimes that is the best outcome), but that 
we are worthy enough to ask in the first place.

As a thank you for your ongoing and generous support of my work, 
I would like to give you a sneak peek at the cover design.

Note: The book is black and will be highlighted in silver foil, 
which is hard to depict here, but hopefully you get the idea.

Let me know what you think?

Next week you will have the opportunity to read the books introduction, and you will be one of the first to do so, my wish is that it speaks to you. That it opens up in you a curiosity to explore your relationship with asking and how it affects you and those around you on a daily basis.

May your weekend be filled with kindness and a little adventure.