Where are you in your life right now and where do you want to be?


The gap between these two places is where FLOURISH works.

FLOURISH is a unique and empowering event for women wishing to experience a form of beauty that is fuelled by mind, body and life nourishment.
In this unique one-day coaching event you will be guided through a series of powerful and transformational exercises that will enable you to explore your life in a safe and meaningful way.
“One of the biggest gifts of life is taking responsibility for where we are in our lives right now, only then do we have the power to choose something different.” – Kemi Nekvapil
Flourish will focus on the three keys to igniting your personal power:
The power to say NO
We have so many things we want for ourselves and for our lives, but when we are unable to say no to others we are unable to say yes to ourselves.
The power to ask for what you need
Many times we find ourselves disappointed with a situation or a person, only to realise that we never actually stated what we expected or what we needed in the first place.
The power of personal commitment
There are always challenges and obstacles that get in the way of creating the lives that we truly want for ourselves, but what are you willing to commit to?
Where are you being taken for granted?
Why are you not getting what you want and need in your life?
Where are you giving up your personal power?
Flourish is for you to connect with a community of like-minded women experiencing how to ignite each other’s unique beauty and power.
This event will leave ignited and empowered to take meaningful action in your life and raise not only yourself higher but also the other participants.

 April 16  2016 – The White House, St Kilda, Melbourne

8.30 registration – 4.30 finish

For every ticket sold, 5% will be donated to ONE GIRL to help support the 66 million girls around the world who are not educated to be educated.



The intention of Flourish is to allow women to feel safe enough to share, transform and create together. It will bring together a community of women that will raise each other higher and support each other long after the event has finished.

Your ticket also includes:

A Raw Beauty Bag – Filled with gifts from our Raw Beauty friends, who have you and the planet in mind.

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon TeaAll food is raw, vegan, dairy, processed sugar, gluten and soy free.


Kemi’s  promise:

Many women give up their personal power every day in ways that we do not even notice. This builds and builds until it becomes a habit. We forget that we have an incredible choice in how we live and create our lives. FLOURISH will allow you tap back into your personal power and get back into the driving seat of your own life.