From Surviving to Thriving

March 11 2017

-Women Only-

-Early bird tickets close 9pm Sunday 26 February-

It is that time of year again; the time to take a step closer towards a life that empowers and inspires you.

  • Are you having feelings of stressful overwhelm or bored underwhelm?
  • Would you like more clarity and direction in your life?
  • Do you struggle to set boundaries and ask for the help that you need?
  • Would you like to arm yourself with sustainable tools that allow you to live fully?

If you want to elevate your life experience and feel supported in doing so, Flourish 2017 has been created just for you.

This is a day to nourish yourself and explore what is possible for you and your life in an authentic and life-enhancing way.

“I realised that wanting to please everyone, I take on too much and the last person I please is myself. This needs to change.” – Chelsea


 What you will gain from attending this intimate event:

  • Powerful coaching processes that will support you to explore where you are now, what you want and what you need to move forwards in your life
  • The opportunity to design realistic actions that suit you, your resources and your opportunities
  • A safe space with a community of like-minded women who are ready and willing to support you and your dreams
  • The experience of not being alone, wherever you are in your life experience right now

“It was wonderful to witness such support from so many women.” – Anna

Not only is the day filled with engaging and transformational coaching content, you will also be nourished with beautiful organic food from Firecracker Events and Shokuiku, tea from Pukka Tea and treats from Loving Earth and Cristina Re.

 Your ticket also includes:

  • A series of coaching worksheets for the day to explore, reflect and create
  • Some delicious organic, raw and vegan, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea to fuel your mind and body
  • A beautiful journal from Cristina Re for your musings and insights on the day
  • 5% of your ticket price will go towards The Melbourne Period Project - Supporting women experiencing homelessness by providing sanitary products, help and support.

“I loved being in a space of courage and sharing.” – Lizzie

“I learnt that I just have to commit, without knowing the how.” – Hizen

This is the day for women to celebrate and support each other, bring your women with you.

“I had the pleasure to attend the ‘Flourish’ event hosted by the amazing Kemi Nekvapil in 2016 and I must say I was greatly inspired.

Kemi is a very powerful motivational speaker who has the ability to influence change by taking you on a journey of self awareness and transformation. Her strong desire to support and encourage a woman to be kind to herself and stand in her own personal power is clearly the driver behind her successful coaching business.

Kemi’s amazing life story, extensive experience and her desire to make a difference is an amazing combination, not to mention her hilarious sense of humor, which made the event fun and entertaining.

I would highly recommend anyone wishing to enrich their life and pursue their dreams to attend Flourish.”

Cristina Re | Founder Cristina Re

 Early bird tickets end February 26 at 9pm


“Women who are able to thrive in life give permission to all those around them to do the same.” – Kemi Nekvapil