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Are you in Sydney?

It has been a while since I have done an event in Sydney and it is definitely time to come Sydney-side.

So, if you are one of the women asking me, when, when, when?

April 24th is when!

I have been collaborating with a past client of mine, the unstoppable Natalie Kessell.

In 2010 Natalie created an inspiring platform for women called BizGals, and we have been cooking up an event together.

One of the great things about the women I get to work with is that we get to know each other very well through the coaching partnership and sometimes it becomes evident that our work is aligned and the prospect of working together seems inevitable.

The event is called ‘Own Your Worth’, and everything you need to know is here

There are very limited tickets, BizGals events are kept small and intimate so, I urge you not to dilly-dally on this one.

And…..I am off on holiday with my family. I am very excited to try out our new tent, read more than usual, hike with my children, have long solo runs through the bush, and to finish each day with sweet hot chocolate before bed and, sometimes for breakfast and lunch too.

Until I am back at the keyboard, I wish you some slow and quiet times. xxx