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It has been a while since I have offered 3 questions.

When I first asked if 3 questions a month would be of value to you, the answer was a resounding “yes!”.  So this is my new commitment: every month I will deliver 3 questions to you.

Questioning is one of the five most-used tools in my coaching, and I believe it to be one of the most powerful.

If you take just 5 minutes to answer the 3 questions each month, I promise you will gain insights about yourself, about others and about how you experience the world.

You will also gain clarity, through self-coaching, and you will experience surprises along the way.  I think the ability to surprise ourselves is underestimated.

So here are your 3 questions for August.

Voice your response to the question out loud; you may be surprised by the answers.

“I should always…?”

“I should never…?”

“I must…?”

“Should” can be a word of judgement, either to ourselves or to those around us.  It can also restrict internal and external freedom.

“I shouldn’t eat the cake”; “I shouldn’t leave the meeting”; I shouldn’t feel this way.

“I should”, “they should”… we “should all over ourselves” all the time, and it can be very limiting. However, it can also give us a window into our current situation and allow us some clarity that leads towards action.

What if you changed the word should to could, does that give you some freedom to choose?

“I could eat the cake”, “I could leave the meeting”, “I do feel this way.”

Now you can choose to eat the cake. Choose to leave the meeting. Choose to feel something else.

Do you now have a choice to make? Do you now have an action to take?

Wishing you a weekend of freedom. xxxx