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2018 Live event – Early-bird tickets on sale now!

A few weeks ago, I sent out a brief ‘save the date’ post to you, and now I can reveal what it was all about.

On May 3, I will be speaking with the incredible Julie Parker.

The evening is called ‘In conversation with Kemi and Julie.

Julie is a very successful coach, author and speaker, and she is also the founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, where she trains and supports thousands of coaches all over the world.

We met a few months ago and decided that it was time to get on stage together. We are both deeply committed to women fulfilling their potential, but we have done it differently.

We have both been creative in how we have built, grown and sustained our businesses, and we have both made mistakes, we have both ignored the doubters, and both learnt from our strengths as much as we have our weaknesses.

In conversation with Kemi and Julie will be an evening of secrets revealed, tips shared, and fun had.

And as we are two coaches we also could not resist wanting to ‘hot seat’ a few of the attendees.

So, you are invited to come with your current business; or soon to create business; or gone a little stale business; or I want to ‘next level’ my business and we will support you to find clarity, take the next step and thrive.

Early-bird tickets are $59 (+ booking fee)

Everything you need to know is here

If you have any questions, please contact Sam –

As Meredith Lucus (a fellow reader of my weekly words) says, “Happy living in-between times”. xx

Kemi Nekvapil and Julie Parker